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Worldwide survey of carotid endarterectomy practice

2018/4/10 15:02:18

Sender information:                 James Forsyth, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery Resident

Informative subject:                 Worldwide survey of carotid endarterectomy practice
Appeal for help:                       I am writing to you to request your participation in an extremely
                                                short and important survey. It is looking at the individual
                                                practices of vascular surgeons with regards to their carotid
                                                interventions around the world. It takes around 1 minute to
                                                complete. So far the survey has hundreds of responses, and the
                                                following vascular societies are involved: Canada, South Africa,
                                                India, European Vascular Society (ESVS), Lebanon, the
                                                Philippines, and Malaysia. The survey would not be complete
                                                however without the contribution of Asia’s top vascular
                                                surgeons. It is hoped that this project can unite vascular 
                                                surgeonsand societies’ from across the globe and help us
                                                together learnabout different approaches to carotid intervention

How to access the survey:              
Confidential and voluntary:                      This project will highlight the general location of
                                                                  participants but will remain anonymous otherwise.

Contact information:                       

Thank you:                                                 I thank you in advance for your contribution. Your
                                                                  participation is genuinely important and valued. This
                                                                  project is not possible without you.

Yours sincerely,
James M Forsyth MBBS MRCS
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